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  • Blue PE film
  • White?PE film
  • Flat bag
  • Side gusset bag
  • PE heat?shrink?film
  • Printing bag

Production links step by step to ensure superior quality

20 years of blown film experience, with many blown film formulations, good at solvingA variety of difficult problems in the soft packaging industry According to your application needs, tailor the most suitable products, with more than 20 professionals over 15 years experience, have unique advantages in product performance.

Manufacturers direct strong power to ensure timely supply

The monthly output is more than 1000 tons, which can be customized and purchased.Manufacturer's direct shipment without any difference in the middlePlentiful supply of goods, rapid delivery of bulk purchase for 3-5 days

The service team is committed to 100% satisfaction

Quick response, solve problems with customers, professional and technical personnel regularly return visit free proofing, sample customization.
20000 cottage production base, more than 40 million colors to choose from, to ensure adequate supply, mass customization delivery guaranteed.

Suzhou Yuxinhong Plastic Packaging Co.,Ltd. is located in North Suburb, Suzhou: Pearl Township, a famous Chinese cultural town - Weitang, (3 km from Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, 227 provinces on the left, Weitang exit of Suzhou round the city at the exit of Weitang). Founded in 2000, it moved to Weitang, Suzhou, in 2009. The company has strong technical force, advanced mechanical equipment and up to 300 tons of monthly production. With reliable reputation and quality and the service of real city, the company is popular with customers. Since its establishment, the com



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Troubleshooting of full automatic
With the extensive use of automatic winding machine, more and more enterprises begin to use automatic winding machine to produce and package. As a widely used device, how to troubleshoot and solve problems in the course of operation? In thi
Use advantages of wrapping machin
Wrapping machinery in the late 70s attracted industry attention, focused on the key development. Since 90s, with the expansion of the introduction scale and the continuous improvement of the production enterprises own basic construction, a

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